Yoga Elements is a destination studio centrally located along the beautiful white sand beaches of Florida Panhandle (between the beaches of 30A and Panama City at Carillon Beach). Our fully integrated “boutique” studio has all the elemental building blocks of the universe incorporated into the studio’s offerings. Our mission is to present individuals, at any health level, an opportunity to thrive beyond prior experiences and connect with community.

Co-founded by LauraLynn Jansen and Dawn Brooks, in October 2012, Yoga Elements is the culmination of their combined knowledge and passion to be of service through yoga. Initially Dawn and LauraLynn came together as the co-organizers of the local Yoga Meetup in Panama City (http://www.meetup.com/pcyoga/), which has over 600 members. This community-based group provides free monthly yoga classes to local residents. It also sponsors special events for occasions such as National Yoga Health Month.
Dawn and LauraLynn collectively have over forty years of experience in the field of health and wellness. Their commitment is to create a place where the seeds of yoga are planted into the lives of both locals and visitors to the beaches of Bay and Fort Walton counties.”

The founders and teachers of the studio bring a vibrant passion. Dawn and LauraLynn collectively have over forty years of experience in the field of health and wellness. An emerging new generation of yoga teachers bring a different view and vitality to the North Florida yoga scene, along side the founders’ extensive health background. Each teacher at Yoga Elements offers classes in their focus of study and is dedicated to yoga being a part of their full life.
Yoga Elements is the only yoga studio in the world that offers classes:
- In the air (aerial)

- In the water (aquatic)

- On the water (stand up paddleboard)

- On the earth (mat)
We strive to bring unique offerings, to the Florida panhandle, aimed at expanding your experience of yoga. Examples of this from the last year included: all day meditation retreats, pranassage partner workshop, visits from Swami Savitananda and a wide variety of special community events that expand your understanding of the experience of yoga.

Addison Wakeford
Yoga Teacher

Courtney Snyder
Yoga Teacher

Dawn Brooks
Founder/Co-Owner/Yoga Teacher

Kendall Andrews
Yoga Teacher

LauraLynn Jansen
Founder/Co-Owner/Yoga Teacher

Lily Howland
Yoga Teacher Assistant



Addison Wakeford, RYT – Yoga Teacher

Addison has always had an interest with health, fitness, and mental awareness, and when yoga crossed his path he found a deep connection with something extremely vast and limitless. With training from the Nosara Yoga Institution, located in Costa Rica, Addison teaches a Hatha based yoga class that gives the student a multi-dimentional experience. With a life-time of passion for music, Addison likes to bring that love to his classes with a live instrumental guitar piece during the end of class. Addison believes life should be fun and exciting and loves to create a space where people can be comfortable being challenged, open to looking inside themselves, and receptive of the results. He is a kid at heart and loves all that life has to offer.

Courtney Snyder, RYT – Yoga Teacher

Courtney Snyder originally fell in love with yoga when she was on the wrestling team in high school in Houston, TX. Yoga was a way to make her not only more flexible, but a way to calm her mind. In the heat of competition, her breath and heartbeat was her main focus. By the time high school ended, she knew her dream was to be a yoga teacher on the beach. In October 2010, Courtney packed all of her belongings into a small U-Haul truck and drove to Panama City Beach, FL to sleep on a friends couch in order to make her dreams come true. Thanks to her loving husband’s support, Courtney began her training at Many Rivers Yoga Teacher Training in Tallahassee, FL in January of 2013 and graduated that September. She was trained in a few different styles of yoga including Yin, Hot, Ashtanga, and Flow. Courtney loves sharing her passion and love for yoga with every person she can, but loves learning from other people’s love even more. Courtney dreams of practicing Ashtanga in Mysore, India and to continue to grow her knowledge and personal practice.

Dawn Brooks, RN, RYT-500 – Founder/Co-Owner/Yoga Teacher

Cofounder of Yoga Elements Studio, Dawn has been a Registered Nurse for over 28 years and a practicing yogi for 10. Yoga transformed her life of constant pain and fatigue due to a back injury and fibromyalgia to one of joy and balance leaving her able to give back to family, friends and community. In 2008 she completed her 200hr training in the Kripalu tradition at Discovery Yoga in St. Augustine Florida. Over the next 3 years she immersed in their 500 hour training. Emphasizing yoga therapeutics, Dawn studied with internationally recognized experts in topics such as Yoga as Therapy, Meditation for Joyful Living and Yoga For Spinal Health/ Scoliosis. Completing Aerial Yoga training in 2012, she is excited to bring its benefits to the Panama City area. Dawn is a master yoga teacher with thousands of hours of teaching experience and many success stories along the way. She is honored to have received grants to bring yoga to brain injured individuals at Second Chance and homeless pregnant teens at Hannah’s House here in Panama City through Kripalu’s Teaching for Diversity Grant program.
Dawn’s intuitive teaching style brings the depth of her knowledge, experience and compassion to her students. She enjoys the dynamics of group classes and the special therapeutics of custom private instruction. If you are searching for a more balanced, joyful and engaged life, Dawn invites you to step onto the transformational path of yoga, your personal journey of learning new ways of moving, breathing and seeing for the rest of your life.

Kendall Andrews, RYT – Yoga Teacher

Kendall started dabbling in yoga several years ago while training dolphins in the San Francisco Bay area. Marine mammal training is her first love with yoga a strong second. Her practice evolved into an exploration of vinyasa after moving to San Diego. A personal trauma, that would otherwise send many folks into a self-destructive downward spiral, motivated her to pour her emotional energy into a 7 day-a-week practice. This in-depth focus of self gave her peace through the personal pandemonium.
Kendall ended her career as an animal trainer, though it pained her deeply, to join family in Vail, CO. Without dolphins to train she delved more deeply into yoga. A teacher training in Core Power Yoga was a transformative experience. “I had no idea how expansive the proverbial yogic “iceberg” really was. Teacher training gave me so much knowledge, strength, community and gratitude; things on which I draw on a daily basis.”
Since her training she has also taught power yoga in North Carolina where she was also exposed to the Baptiste method and Acro yoga. She has now found her way back to marine mammal training here at Gulf World Marine Park. “I’ve been teaching co-workers in a casual setting since I moved here last year. I was ecstatic to discover Yoga Elements this year and all of the incredible practices they offer. I am stoked to grow with this studio, as a teacher and as a student!”

LauraLynn Jansen, MHED, CPCC, RYT – Founder/Co-Owner/Yoga Teacher/Retreat Leader

LauraLynn began practicing yoga over two and a half decades ago as part of her healing regime to cope with a cancer diagnosis. Surviving cancer gave her a thirst to live life to its fullest at a young age. This yearning led her to obtain a master’s degree in Integrative Health Education from the California Institute of Integral Studies, certifications as a Co-Active Life Coach, and extensive history in nutrition and fitness.
In 1999, she did a solo quest to Nepal and India where she obtained her teacher certification in the Sivananda tradition, a basic hatha yoga tradition. A deeper understanding of the physical aspects alongside the numerous other layers involved in the traditional practices associated with a yogic lifestyle, in the country of its origin provided her with insights she still carries with her as a teacher. Over the last decade she has turned her focus of study to mindfulness, breath attention, proper core engagement, alignment and practical life-supporting philosophy. She has offered yoga to a diverse student population form cancer patients to at-risk youth and military members to individuals recovering from injuries.
Today, LauraLynn Jansen combines the experience and knowledge of her amazing life journey in all her work. She is also the founder of Strengthening From the Core, an Integrative Health Coaching practice, a multi-faceted approach to aligning life and wellness. In 2006 the Lance Armstrong Foundation recognized her with the LiveSTRONG Challenge award for her dedication to cancer awareness and determination to broaden the definition of health. In 2011 Athleta choose her as one their Inspirational Athletes. She is a proponent of all that is possible in life as she teaches from her mat and paddleboard.

Lily Howland – Yoga Teacher Assistant

In 2010 Lily was living in rural Alabama with limited access to kid activities. She began practicing yoga with kid videos at home while also learning to read.
Since then Lily has lived in many different places, including Hawaii, and continues her home practice. She also uses her yoga knowledge for acrobatics and ballet. Her favorite pose is Camel.
This year Lily completed her first adult yoga class with LauraLynn and decided she wanted to be a yoga teacher. Lily is excited to share her yoga practice with kids other than her little brother!