STUDENT STORIES – Lisa W. – Before starting yoga with you I had only taken it once before and was not impressed. It was in a gym setting with a large class and an uneducated instructor. I also thought it was something rich soccer moms did thinking they were ‘enlightened’ from the experience. My experience and education with you has changed my thoughts and given me something I didn’t know was missing. I admit I giggled a lot at first thinking you were a little too granola for my taste. But I quickly started to get so much out of class. I love that you teach us from the ground up. I love that you put yourself into each class. You not only get my body challenged, you challenge my mind. I don’t think I’ll ever forget your class where we opened our “love garages.” Exercise always leaves you feeling good. But I honestly can say that nothing has left me fuller and happier than yoga. I always leave with a smile on my face that doesn’t fade for hours. And I know you and how you teach has a lot to do with that. So thank you!