STUDENT STORIES – Randy Fridley – Essence of yoga will always be in my heart thanks to starting a special yoga class with Dawn Brooks for those with physical limitations and even pain. I found the practice of yoga almost three years ago. It was a God send. For more than ten years prior I had required routine (3 times a year at 18 session per) physical therapy for pain and severely limited range of motion due to military injuries, an active life in athletics and aging. I took pain medicine regularly. I was getting worse.
But right away yoga alleviated the pain. I mean from just the second or third session, I was better and using far less pain pills. And it continued and continues yet. I have not needed physical therapy since starting yoga. That’s nothing short of a miracle. I still need a Tylenol sometimes like if I hike to the top of Wilson Mountain (a 2,900 foot climb and a 7 hour hike — how many 67 year olds can do that? yoga let’s me continue to be active as I put on years.)
Yoga also improved my flexibility. That’s saying a lot. I’m basically a muscle bound kind of a guy and I’ll never look like a ballerina in yoga, but I have improved and I feel really good. The best thing about yoga is that it increases the quality of my life so much by allowing me to live a very physically active life and not hurt.
I will be forever in your debt.